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Hunger Games by sunshine2455


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May 29, 2011
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Creative Commons License
Some rights reserved. This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.
How to play:
• Minimum 8 people, maximum 12
• 1 roll of masking tape
• 2 minimum, 4 maximum game makers
• 2 red hats, 1 yellow hat, 1 purple hat, blue hats for all game makers
• Weapons (all weapons have a bit of masking tape on them):
• 3 long sticks (swords)
• 2 Frisbees (chakrams)
• 4 tennis balls (bombs/grenades) limit one to each player
• 2 (Nerf) toy guns (blow darts)
• 5 short sticks (daggers)
• Large area with obstacles i.e.; trees, rocks, playground etc.
• Game makers base with timing device and weapon cache
• Bottles labelled antidote, something small and wearable (ring, bracelet etc)
How to play:
        Twelve people are competitors in the 'Hunger Games', where everyone must kill or be killed.  To start with, everyone must be spaced out around the edge of the 'arena'. In the centre will be the 'cornucopia'; where most weapons are stored (the rest will be put in the game makers base, which will be located at the edge of the arena).  Two to four people, the game makers, will be patrolling and overseeing the games.
        Game makers have to wear blue hats to distinguish themselves from the competitors. The game makers have many skills and will also play the roles of "tracker jacker", "poison gas" and "fire wave".  They must clearly portray which one of these they are when approaching a competitor by wearing the appropriate colour hat (red fire, yellow tracker jacker and purple poison).  If a competitor is hit by a game maker representing "poison gas", they will be unable to use weapons until they retrieve an antidote, but can still kill by hand-to-hand combat. The radius of a 'poison gas cloud' is five metres from the game maker. If hit by "fire" the competitors are burned and unable to attack other players for five minutes, and the fire wave extends about ten metres from both sides of the game maker . "Tracker jackers" are the rarest of the skills, and is if 'stung' by one, the player will be paralyzed if an antidote is not received in less than two minutes, and then the player is immobilized and cannot move to attack or defend.  After tracker jackers are released, it is the responsibility of the other game makers to put out an antidote, and if a game maker using an ability doesn't catch anyone in under a minute they must stop and return to their patrol. Game makers can also drop marked weapons (so not as to be confused with natural ones) around the arena for use wherever they wish. If not in use, these weapons are stored at the game makers base. No weapons can be stolen from the game makers base and it cannot be entered by contenders or they automatically die. If a competitor is killed, they must be retrieved by a game maker and taken back to the game makers base. Game makers must assemble a 'feast' with weapons and antidotes for the players use on any day after day one, and must yell out what is in it so players know. Aside from weapons and antidote, a small, wearable item called the 'invincibility item' will also be concealed in the feast pile. This can protect its wearer from another players and harmful actions of the game makers, which will only last for three minutes. It can be carried around and put on at any time, but is not effective on the last day. After use, a game maker will take it and it will not be used again in the game. Days are determined by the game makers, but should last about ten minutes each. At the end of each day game makers must call out which players are dead.  Five days is the maximum amount of days in the Hunger Games, and if there is more than one player left at the end of day five, they are all forced to fight without weapons. It is the duty of the game makers to monitor the length of days, happenings of attacks and timing of those 'injured' (burned, poisoned or paralysed) with a clock in the base or wristwatches. Game makers are invincible and cannot be killed at all.
        There are several ways to kill other players. Weapons are the obvious choice, but you can also attempt to kill them in hand-to-hand combat. With swords, you must run the sword through to side of the opposing competitor (between the arm and the torso). You can also kill through sneak attacks from behind that can strike anywhere, but it has to be an obvious kill. Daggers have the same effects as swords but can be concealed under clothing. Swords must be in view at all times. There is no 'cutting off of limbs' or anything-there is only killing, no disabling people. You cannot die of blood loss. With chakrams, you cannot catch it and any hit, even a touch, is a kill. Chakrams must be thrown from a distance (at least seven metres) and can be picked up and re-used when already on the ground. Bombs/grenades will explode if directly hit or if you are caught in the radius of the bomb/grenade, which is two metres. To make your bomb/grenade live, you must rip the masking tape off the weapon and throw it at another player within five seconds. To re-arm your bomb, you must take it to the game makers base and then try to retrieve it in the next feast. Blow darts can poison people and darts can be re-used in the gun but cannot be used independently.  All weapons can be stolen and do not belong to individual players. To kill by hand-to-hand combat, players must: place hands (GENTLY) on another players throat and hold it there for five seconds until dead or they are repelled. If repelled, you must restart your seconds. Hands over mouth for five seconds also have the same rules. A sneak attack (a tap at the back of the neck) will result in a broken neck and instant death.
        Allied teams can be formed, and can only have a maximum of three people in them. Allies can retrieve antidotes for teammates, can assist in attack/defence (this can ONLY happen in teams) and share weapons. However, there can only be one winner, so allies can betray and kill their partners at any time.  You must make it clear to game makers that you are in an allied team so they know that you are not just randomly ganging up on people.
        Competitors that are killed are escorted by a game maker back to the game makers base. If the fifth day is reached, the dead players are released back into the game as 'muttations'.  Mutts are automatically gifted a weapon of their choice before they leave the base, but can only travel at a walking pace when they are within fifteen metres of live players they are attempting to kill. They cannot assist or team up with live competitors or they are taken out immediately. When a player is killed by a mutt, they must either go back to the game makers base and get a weapon, or use a weapon they already posses and become a mutt. Muttations cannot win the game.
        When it gets down to the final two contestants, they cannot kill each other at the same time, eg; bomb/grenade thrown at the feet of both players at the same time, thus technically killing both. The bomb will be faulty. No muttations shall be out when it is down to two people. The two competitors can be herded into the middle of the field by game makers as a "fire wave" and forced to fight if they are not doing so.
        The winner receives any prize available from the game maker and gets to be a game maker themselves. They choose their new team of game makers and can start a new game. The previous game makers are now competitors. No previous game makers can remain game makers in the next round.

Additional info
• Competitors cannot escape from the arena.
• Physical contact between the players must not cause actual harm
• Do not throw bombs/grenades hard enough to inflict actual damage
• Game makers can split up fights if they get too 'real'
• Game makers must remain impassive to the will of players and cannot favour them
So, this is what me and :iconninja-art-seresuto: thought of today as we mucked around. This is a LIVE ACTION HUNGER GAMES GAME!!!! :omg:
DO NOT ACTUALLY HURT ANYONE pleeeeeeeaaaassseee!!! But it's actually really fun. We played it with our cousins and they loved it!!!!
You don't have to use hats or tennis balls and stuff if you don't have it. We just put what we thought would be easiest. :iconninja-art-seresuto: is gonna put this in her gallery as well, so she didn't steal it from me XD
(this is in this category because we didn't know what else to put it in :o)

Hunger Games (c) Suzanne Collins
Game idea (c) me and Seresuto
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And if you'd like, I'd love to hear how it goes!!
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Wow you guys have fun! Happy birthday for then and be careful playing in the dark!
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